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Company Overview

Business Model

Webtoday offers flexible engagement models enabling clients to choose an option that better serves their business strategy.

Fixed Scope Fixed Price Model

Under this model, we will give you a fixed price, scope, and timeline estimates for your project after analyzing the detailed project specifications provided by you. Our team will be in consultation with you at all times and freeze the scope and price collaboratively. After your approval on the scope, pricing and timeline we begin the project development. Any revisions to the original specification will incur additional cost at the rate of agreed hourly cost prior to the commencement of the project.

The advantage of this model is that you know the project cost upfront and is helpful when you have well defined project specifications that are not likely to change during the course of the development of the project. The payments are made on agreed milestones with initial payment that varies from 30% to 50% of the total cost of the project depending on the value of the project.

Time & Material Model (T&M)

This model is suitable when the specification of project, scope of work and implementation of project plan cannot be effectively estimated during the initial phase. Also this model is ideal for clients, who want to control and play a significant role in the project development process.

Here, the pricing is determined based on the man hours required to complete the project i.e. hourly charging. In this model our team will work as per your work assignment and you control the project development and stages. You will receive all necessary reports including daily reports from our team.

Offshore Dedicated Staffing Model

This model is suitable when you have in house on going or long term projects usually exceeding 12 weeks and more. This model also helps when the project scope is not defined and you are in the process of freezing the scope.

Under this model, you will be able to hire our resources on a monthly basis and you will get a resource of your choice. Our team can work as an extension to your in house team and work seamlessly as integrated team. You will have a choice to choose from our existing resources after interviewing them or we will hire new resources as per your specifications. This model will help you to build your offshore team quickly to fill the resource gaps you have.

The hired resources will be assigned to work with focused attention, only on your projects and will not be used for other projects or clients. The resources will be working from our premises and available 8 hours a day and 6 days a week. Optionally we can assign resources to work in your time zone fully or partially.

Outsourcing Clients

International Companies and Individual web developers who want to sub contract or outsource work to us are welcomed. We provide you high quality, comprehensive web solutions to guarantee your client's satisfaction at nominal rates. Please note we charge a 25% extra cost as premium to brand the work developed by us as your own. Please note we are willing to sign an NDA to protect confidentiality of your client.

Other Flexible engagement Models

We are also open to any other business model which suits your requirement including Offshore Dedicated Centres, Built Operate & Transfer (BOT) models. Please discuss with us if you have ideas.

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